Rules of Procedure


Check-in can be made from 5pm. The time of your arrival must be communicated (email or telephone), since we do not have a 24h reception service. We can, whenever possible, store your luggage, before the time of entry into the room (from 5 pm). Please note that we do not have our own luggage room. At check-in you will be asked to fill in your registration details, giving your identity card / passport, and to make the payment of the reservations in full. So you can leave the Hostel whenever you wish, avoiding unnecessary waiting.

Reservations can be paid in cash. Checks are not accepted as a method of payment. At the time of check-in you will be given the room key, the key to the main door, the key to the outside gate and an information booklet.

If the reception is closed, and you need some service / information, you can call the contacts made available.



Check-out is by 11am in the morning. If you need to leave before the opening of the reception, you must leave the keys delivered, at the reception in a designated place for this purpose.

On the day of departure, the rooms should be free until 11:30am in the morning. After this time, an extra night will be billed.



Breakfast is served daily between 8.30am and 10.30am. The same works on self-service.



During the reference periods, activities forbidden to produce harmful or disturbing noise are prohibited for Hostel guests (Decree-Law no. 292/2000 of 14 November).



Any damage done voluntarily in the premises of the Hostel, will be charged. The Hostel, depending on their severity, will take the legal measures deemed necessary.



This establishment has a complaints book under Decree-Law no. 39/2008, of 7 March and Ordinance 517/2008 of 25 June.



Under Decree-Law no. 228/2009 of 14/07, this company will not be responsible for money, jewelry or other objects of value that may disappear inside its premises.

Always remember to close the main access door to the Hostel, and lock the door of the room whenever you are away. It is not allowed the stay and / or stay of people who are not part of the Hostel guest list.

There are 5 extinguishers in the Hostel, properly marked and a fire blanket.



It is not allowed inside the premises of the Hostel:

– Smoking or smoking; *

– Change the layout of the bedroom furniture;

– Remove bed and / or bath linens from inside the rooms;

– Dispose of trash in common and private spaces outside suitable containers;

– Pets

– The commercialization of any type of objects and products of consumption

– Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

– It is strictly forbidden to carry or use drugs

* Except in the outdoor area



The cleaning of the common areas is done daily from 8 o’clock in the morning. Whenever there is a change of guests, the cleaning of the room and change of linen / bed linen will be effected.



Children up to and including 2 years old will be accommodated in a baby cot at no additional cost. The need for a cot must be communicated when the reservation is made and is limited to certain rooms.

A room, intended for a certain number of occupants, may in no case be occupied by a greater number of persons.



The Hostel has an equipped kitchen, living room and dining room that can be used 24 hours. The cleaning and storage of the utensils used in the kitchen / dining room is the responsibility of the guests who use them. We recommend that all food and / or beverages be stored in the refrigerator or in cabinets in the kitchen and properly identified with the guest’s name.

Be careful not to leave food / drinks out of the proper places for your storage as well as to remove them from the kitchen before you leave.


Outdoor space: The jacuzzi is operational, and can be used from 3 pm to 6 pm

Recommendations and safety rules for using the jacuzzi:

– When using the jacuzzi, children under 12 years of age should always be accompanied by adults;

– Forbidden to drink / eat in the jacuzzi area, use the space for meals or outdoor space

– Smoking is not allowed in the jacuzzi area. Do it in the leisure area, in the outer zone, where the ashtrays are.

– Please note the information available in the jacuzzi

– For your safety and other guests it is forbidden to dive or jump into the jacuzzi

– Please note the numbers to call in case of an accident

– It is mandatory to wear a cap


Should the occupant be found to be in breach of the rules, which are present in the internal regulations, the Hostel reserves the right to interrupt their stay.